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  • Popping the Personal Bubble: Cultural Differences in Personal Space

    Okay, usually it isn’t THIS crowded in Bologna, but the Pope was in town for the day Italy is a beautiful country with amazing people, delicious food, and spectacular sights. It’s not difficult to embrace the warm culture and inviting, friendly people. While I love their smiles and enthusiastic greetings, there is one cultural difference […]

  • suitcase

    How to Pack For a Year-Long Trip to Italy

    Narrowing down your possessions for a long trip can be difficult. The phrase “only pack the essentials” is very subjective. For you, the essentials might be t-shirts and face wash, but for me it more closely resembles boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese and a jar of peanut butter. Apart from advising you to bring […]

  • How to Get a Codice Fiscale and Why You Might Need One

    The codice fiscale is tax code that many foreigners may have to obtain to open a bank account, pay utilities, have a job, sign a lease, sign up for Italian healthcare, and even to buy some things online. This tax code is the equivalent of the American Social Security Number (SSN). While Italians receive their codice fiscale at birth, […]

  • Italian post office

    How to Get Your Permesso Di Soggiorno

    The Poste Italiane : beautiful on the outside, terrifying on the inside When you first get to Italy, relax and enjoy your new life. But don’t enjoy it too much before getting all of your necessary paperwork filled out and turned in! Once you have arrived in Italy you have 8 working days to get your permesso di […]

  • San Francisco consulate

    Step 5: The Italian Consulate

    *Cue Jaws Music* Okay the Italian Consulate isn’t that scary. I will admit that the whole experience was fairly intimidating, but my entire appointment lasted 10 minutes and I got my visa in 4 days. My appointment was on a Thursday and I received my passport in the mail on Monday afternoon. I definitely do not recommend making […]

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    Step 4: Italian Study Visa Paperwork Guide

    Enthusiastic photo with your Passport encouraged but not required The process for getting an Italian Study Visa may seem daunting, but hopefully this paperwork guide puts your mind at ease. Disclaimer: Make sure you are checking the website for the Italian consulate in your jurisdiction and not relying completely on this guide as the guidelines […]

  • Via Santo Stefano

    Step 2: Picking a Language School

    Via Santo Stefano, home of the beautiful Italian language and cultural school, Academya Lingue! Choosing which city you want to live in is a very important part of the visa process, but don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a language school. This is arguably the most important part of your journey because you will be spending […]

  • Overview and FAQs

    Below are some common questions I see regarding visas, living in Italy, and general questions about bureaucracy (you’re on your own with that one!). Only kidding, but does anyone actually have any consistent advice for how to navigate the Italian bureaucracy? Asking for a friend. If you have a question that I haven’t answered, feel […]