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  • Traveling With a Permesso di Soggiorno Receipt

    Bend, Oregon. Italy has some beautiful natural sights, but there really just is no place like home. As a child, I remember how agonizing the wait for Christmas was, counting down the days until Santa delivered the trivial things on my wish list like velvet socks or a charm bracelet. Now, as an adult, I […]

  • How to Get Italian Health Insurance

    Being one of the lucky ones, my American health insurance covered me abroad so I was never forced to buy traveler’s insurance or Italian insurance. The main deterrant for me as a student was the cost. However, after receiving a permesso di soggiorno for work purposes I decided to take advantage of the free health […]

  • Quitting Your Job in Italy

    Quitting your job is much different in Italy than in America. During high school and college I often changed jobs as I moved to new cities and desired different skills. The process of leaving my position was never more difficult than submitting a letter or speaking with my boss in person about my intention to […]

  • Sirmione

    How to Get Residency in an Italian City

    If you’re looking for information on how to get your permesso di soggiorno, I’m afraid this isn’t the right page. However, getting your residency in an Italian city is another important part of the bureaucratic process. Having a certificate of residence in an Italian city allows to you sign up for the national health care […]

  • friends in Bologna

    How to Make Friends Abroad

    Enjoying an aperitivo with my classmates from Academya Lingue Living in a new country can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the local language. Once you get past the initial shock and get settled into your new environment, you might start craving some human connection. Luckily, there are some great resources out there for […]

  • TIM cellphone company

    Getting a SIM Card in Italy

    The juxtaposition of a modern technology store with an ancient building is quite an interesting sight, but I digress. If you have become a recipient of the “Your account has incurred approximately $389127891.00″ in international data charges” message, then welcome to the club! Every day hundreds, if not thousands, of expats all around the globe receive […]

  • suitcase

    How to Pack For a Year-Long Trip to Italy

    Narrowing down your possessions for a long trip can be difficult. The phrase “only pack the essentials” is very subjective. For you, the essentials might be t-shirts and face wash, but for me it more closely resembles boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese and a jar of peanut butter. Apart from advising you to bring […]

  • How to Get a Codice Fiscale and Why You Might Need One

    The codice fiscale is tax code that many foreigners may have to obtain to open a bank account, pay utilities, have a job, sign a lease, sign up for Italian healthcare, and even to buy some things online. This tax code is the equivalent of the American Social Security Number (SSN). While Italians receive their codice fiscale at birth, […]

  • Italian post office

    How to Get Your Permesso Di Soggiorno

    The Poste Italiane : beautiful on the outside, terrifying on the inside When you first get to Italy, relax and enjoy your new life. But don’t enjoy it too much before getting all of your necessary paperwork filled out and turned in! Once you have arrived in Italy you have 8 working days to get your permesso di […]