How to Get Residency in an Italian City


If you’re looking for information on how to get your permesso di soggiorno, I’m afraid this isn’t the right page. However, getting your residency in an Italian city is another important part of the bureaucratic process. Having a certificate of residence in an Italian city allows to you sign up for the national health care system where you can receive many health-related services for free. It’s also necessary if you are looking to convert your permesso di soggiorno from study to work.

Here’s what you need:

  • Permesso di soggiorno (and photocopy)
  • Passport (and photocopy)
  • Codice fiscale
  • Housing contract (not always necessary, but good to bring just in case)
  • housing contract registration (definitely necessary)
  • This form, also known as Module G (the worker at the Comune can help you fill it out)

Here’s where you go:

You’ll need to go to to the URP which is the office that deals with communication with citizens. So essentially citizenship, local residency, and identity cards. There are many of these offices and you will need to go to the one in your quartiere (neighborhood). If you go to the main town hall in your city, they can direct you to the right office or you can simply Google it.

Once you have arrived at the office, take a ticket but press the “anagrafiche” button. Not every Comune functions in the same way so my experience in Bologna may be a bit different than yours.

After your appointment with the official at the Comune you will be told that a police officer will be arriving within ten days to verify that you live at the address you provided. Luckily, during your appointment you are able to give a range of hours when you will most likely be at your residence. In my case, I requested residency on a Friday and a police officer came the next day.

When the police officer comes, he or she will ask you a few questions about when you moved into the place and if your roommates have declared residency. You will also be asked to verify name and birthdate, but they never once asked for my ID.

The best part

As soon as you leave the Comune with you certificate of residence you officially have residency and can use it to sign up for the healthcare system or for converting your permesso di soggiorno. Although the police usually come to verify your residence quite quickly, you don’t need to wait for their visit to get your other important bureaucratic things done, and Lord knows how many of those you have to do.

Disclaimer: This post does not constitute legal advice. The materials on this website have been prepared by Expat Alexa and are intended to communicate general information only. Please contact a lawyer for legal advice.

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