How to Fill Out Your Permesso Di Soggiorno: A Step-by-Step Guide

permesso di soggiorno kit

So by now I’m sure you have realized the permesso di soggiorno kit is written in Italian. Have no fear, my permesso di soggiorno guide is here! If you haven’t gotten your permesso di soggiorno kit yet, make sure you read my article on How to Get Your Permesso Di Soggiorno

Below, I have included a step-by-step guide on how to fill out your permesso di soggiorno kit.

There are two main parts to the permesso di soggiorno: the main packet and the smaller pay slip.

First I will give directions on how to fill out the main packet.

Remember to fill out the permesso di soggiorno kit in black ink only and in capital letters. If you don’t follow these directions, you will be asked to fill out a while new packet and you don’t really want to go through this again, do you?

If you are filling this kit out for yourself and this is your first permesso di soggiorno then you only need to fill out Module 1

Instructions for Module 01

  • At the top where it says “Al Signor Questore di” write the name of your city
  • Where it says “(Sigle Provincia)” write the two letters that represent your province
    • In your kit there is a list of the abbreviations
  • Place your marca da bollo in the square space below where it says “MARCA DA BOLLO” (I’m sure you figured this one out on your own)
  • 3. Your last name
  • 4. Your first name and your middle name if it is printed on your passport
  • 5. The two letters the represent your province (again)
  • 6. The name of your city (again)
  • 8. Select “rilascio” if this is your first permesso di soggiorno
    • You can ignore all questions until 14.
  • 14. select “permesso di soggiorno”
  • 15. Write in the number of the type of permesso you are requesting
    • These numbers are listed on a document included in your permesso di soggiorno kit
    • Write in the number “24” for a study permesso
  • You can skip numbers 17-20 since this is your first permesso di soggiorno
  • 22. This asks which module you completed, so “01” if you are only completing the first module
  • 23. Check the box next to “Module 01”
  • 25. This asks for the total number of pieces paper you are including in your permesso di soggiorno kit
    • This includes all of the documents you are including in the envelope when you turn it in (photocopies of your passport, health insurance documents, language school document, etc.) and also the 3 pages of your permesso di soggiorno
    • I left this part blank since I wasn’t sure how many documents the post office would accept and the official at the Poste Italiane happily filled in it for me
  • 26. You can leave this blank
  • 28. The date (don’t fill this in until you are in front of the official)
  • 29. Your signature (also, don’t fill this in until you are in front of the official)
  • 31. You can leave this blank if you don’t have a codice fiscale
  • 32. Write “A” if you are single and “B” if you are married
  • 33. Write “F” for female and “M” for male
  • 34. Your birthdate (notice they ask for the day first followed by the month, which is the opposite as in America)
  • 35. Your country code
    • These codes are listed on a page included in your permesso di soggiorno kit
  • 36. Your code of citizenship
    • This is probably the same as 35.
  • 37. This asks if you are a refugee, check “sì” or “no”
  • 38. This is the city where you were born
    • Usually, you should put the exact information on these documents that is listed in your passport. In my case, my birth city isn’t listed on my passport so I put my birth state and that was accepted by the official
  • 40. Check this box to indicate that your passport is the identity document you will be using
  • 44. Your passport number
  • 45. The date that your passport is valid until (again, write the day first and then the month)
  • 46. Write “01” if your passport was issued by the government and “02” if it was issued by the consulate or embassy
    • “01” is the most common response
  • 48. The date you arrived in the Schengen Area (again, write the day first and then the month)
  • 49. The name of the border you arrived at
    • You can write the name of your airport, for example, “Francoforto Sul Meno” if you arrived in Europe at the Frankfurt airport
  • 50. The number of your visa
    • There may be one box too few so you can write the last number outside of the boxes
  • 51. The type of visa you were issued
    • This is listed on your visa
  • 53. Check this box if your visa allows for multiple entries
    • This is listed on your visa (“M” for multiple entries)
  • 54. The purpose of your visa
    • Write “studio” for a study visa
  • 55. How many days your visa is valid for
  • 56. The date when your visa begins (again, write the day first and then the month)
  • 57. The date when your visa ends (again, write the day first and then the month)
  • 59.-64. can be left blank
  • 66. The two letters that represent your city (again)
  • 67. The name of your town (again)
  • 68. Your address (just the name)
  • 69. Your apartment/house number and letter (if you have one)
  • 70.The numbers/letters associated with the stairs (if applicable)
    • You can leave this blank if there is only one staircase
  • 71. This can be left blank unless you have another apartment/house number
  • 72. Your zip code
  • 73. Your email address
  • 74. Your Italian phone number
  • 77. The name of a place where you can be found if you are not at the address listed above
    • For example, if you are taking language course or studying at the university, list the name of your school
  • 78. The two letters that represent the city (again)
  • 79. The name of the town (again)
  • 80. The address of this place (the street name only)
  • 81. The building number and letter (if applicable)
  • 82. The numbers/letters associated with the stairs (if applicable)
  • 83. This can be left blank unless the building has another number/letter associated with its address
  • 84. The zip code of the place

    Have I helped you in any way?

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Instructions for the pay slip

You will have to ask the official what the price is but you will put this price, in numbers, in the top right-hand corner and, written out, on the first line where it says, “importo (in lettera).” Write your full name, middle name included if you have one, on the line where it says, “eseguito da.” Then, write your full address on the line where it says, “residente in via.” You will have to write this information three different times because it’s Italy so why should things make sense?

Congratulations on tackling you permisso di soggiorno and good luck at the questura!

Disclaimer: This post does not constitute legal advice. The materials on this website have been prepared by Expat Alexa and are intended to communicate general information only. Please contact a lawyer for legal advice.


    • Thank you! Luckily, you do not need to fill out pages 4-8. These pages are for people with special circumstances or people who have lived in Italy before. If this is your first time applying, only pages 1-3 should apply to you.

      • thanks Alexa 🙂
        Well I have lived in Italy and have Italian residency myself but I’m asking on behalf of my American husband who I feel like can get a permesso and residency on behalf of my EU rights…so when we go to apply and fill out the I select ‘family’ category or …? Sorry I’m a bit lost and appreciate any help

        • Are you located in Bologna by chance? I ask because there is an association called ACLI that helps foreigners with Italian bureaucracy. There are many of them located around Italy and I would definitely recommend going there. It’s free too! Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what the proper protocol is in this situation. I can certainly do some research though!

  1. Ciao Alexa. This is very helpful. I am returning to the U.S. 30 May to apply for a visa for elective residency (I’m retired). The requirements are onerous but I think that I fulfill them and will be coming here to live in September of this year. I have a contract for a nice apartment in he center and will lose a bunch of money if the visa is not issued so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If you are still here in the fall perhaps we can get together.


  2. Hi Alexa,

    We are currently living in Lucca and had a question regarding the renewal process for the Permesso? What is required and could you apply for renewal 5 months prior to current Permesso expiring?
    Thank you

    • Lucca is one of my favorite Italian towns! To renew your permesso, you’ll need to go to the Poste Italiane and fill out the “Permesso di Soggiorno Kit” again. Instead of checking the box that says “rilascio,” you’ll check the box that says “rinnovo.” How early you start the renewal process depends on how long your permesso is valid for. If it’s valid for 2 years, the recommended renewal time is 90 days before your permesso expires. If it’s valid for a year, the recommended renewal time is 60 days before. As far as what you need to bring, it depends on the type of permesso you have. If it’s for studying, you should bring your school documents. If it’s for work, you should bring your work contract and other related documents. Of course you’ll also need to purchase a marca da bollo.

  3. Dear Alexa ,
    Thank you for having this done, it made my form filling so much more easier and fast.
    As when I got the form I was soo stressed , how I will manage , but once I found your blog it was soo easy and fast .
    Thank you

  4. WOW! I’ve never found anything like this in the year I’ve been digging into all the work needed to move to Italy. This is tremendous!

    You mentioned ACLI in the first response. I searched to find it and it seems like it’s a Christian Workers page. Maybe I didn’t find the right one. What does ACLI stand for?

    Thank you for posting this and the other work you’ve done around the visa and other things required for living in Italy.

    • I spent so many hours, well…days… trying to find this information and I hadn’t really come across anything super comprehensive so I decided to make my own! I’m so glad I could help you!

      Yes, so ACLI is a Christian organization but that just describes their roots as an association. No part of their bureaucratic services are related to religion. They simply exist as a non-profit to advocate for workers’ rights. It’s always full of foreigners when I go, and many of them not Christian. Don’t be fooled by the name! They are the best resource hands down for surviving Italian bureaucracy.

  5. Alexa, this page is a blessing to me. I am applying to renew my Permesso for my elective residency visa. When I first arrived, I had no facility for photocopying so have no copy of my original application. (Dumb bunny, me.)
    Quick question: Do I have to fill out anything after Item 75?
    I have no words to thank you enough for publishing this. I wish it were easier to find on Google. I have been amazed at how difficult it has been to find instructions in English. You’re a life–and sanity–saver! Grazie mille!

    • Hi Ginger! Thank you so much! You know, I’m not familiar with the elective residency permesso di soggiorno process but I’m fairly certain that nothing after item 75 should apply to you. I would send an email to your local ACLI to verify. Sorry for the late reply, I was without my computer for almost 2 months so I hope you got it figured out!

  6. I have permisso di saggorno of sussidaria how to fill up kit for carta di sagorno ,how mush fee shall i pay for it …..kindly inform me immediately…..

    • Hi Khan! I’m not sure how much the fee is, but the post office should be able to tell you. I would contact your local ACLI (you can google ACLI and the city you’re in to find them). They can help you with specific things!

  7. Hi! This was the most helpful guide I have found since arriving in Italy so thank you! I noticed you said in a previous reply that only pages 1-3 are required unless you have special circumstances, is this true for ‘Modulo 2’ also?

  8. Good morning….Great information, however, I have a question. My husband and I are “renewing” our permisso….is there anything different we must do in filling out the paperwork? Thank you soooo very much. Alyce

    • Hi! Thank you! I don’t believe you’ll need to do anything differently. I’ve renewed my permesso three times and it was the same process every time. You can also contact the local ACLI in your city and they can answer more specific questions for you if they come up.

  9. Hi Alexa! Thank you so much for doing this, you are a saint.

    I just tried to submit my permesso but the woman at the post office said that she didn’t know the amount for the pay slip and that I would have to find it out myself. This seems to go against everything I’ve read. Any ideas on this? I literally can’t find any information!

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rebecca! You’re so welcome! That is very strange indeed. They should know the amount and provide it to you when you turn in the packet. I would honestly just go another day and see if you can get a different person. I’ve used this method numerous times and it usually works haha!

      • BINGO! I had to go to 3 different post offices but eventually someone was able to help me. I would suggest that anyone having this same issue try to find a larger post office—seems that the people at the smaller ones were less used to processing the permesso. The larger ones tend to have more reviews on google (and they tend to be lower hahaha). You’ll have to wait longer, but hopefully you’ll only have to go once!

  10. Alexa, SO cool of you to have done this helpful guide! I am American but have been living in Germany and Austria the last 20 years. Now in Rome, and never have I seen such … confusion … on paper! Anyway, got it filled out with your help!

  11. Omg what a life saver. The only thing is what documents should I include with the kit as a first timer besides passport and visa page? I have birth certificate of Famiglia, estrato per rías su to del registro degli art di matrimonio, my daughters passport, copy of her permiso de soggier o, cRta de identidad, her husband who is italian Carta de identidad, approval from comune Calenzano cerificato de alógico per riconfigiumento familiare, responsable dell área edilicia, and comunicaciones di cessione di fabrica to which I’m including. Hope is more than enough. Now can someone clear for me next steps. I should receive a letter stating the appointment to go get fingerprints and take my passport photos correct? Will I be given that same day the permiso o carta de di soggiorno? Nd which one am I getting as a reunificación gmfamiliar? I marked permesso in my kit not carta I just noticed. Did I do wrong? I’m also leaving the country and planning to come back when asked for next step, what happens if I can not make it to that appointment? Can it be rescheduled? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Jackie. I think it would be best if you contacted your local ACLI organization and they can help walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. Just Google “ACLI” and the Italian city you’re in. You can call them or send them an email. They usually respond very quickly!

  12. Sorry for the mess but I was t the postage for the 3rd time today and waiting on line hopefully I will get a response before called. Thank god I found this page what a blessing

  13. For not understanding when I visited the psi take the first time they told me to go get bollo for $16 and the $30 and the 2 year plus was $130.46. Well now I know that the $30 are paid in euros and the $130.46 is paid in euro in the postale. Now I just threw away $130.46 in bolo because the tabacho were I purchased won’t take it back. This is so sad. Please assure in your pay that the fee is paid in the postale. I wasn’t clear

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