• Quitting Your Job in Italy

    Quitting your job is much different in Italy than in America. During high school and college I often changed jobs as I moved to new cities and desired different skills. The process of leaving my position was never more difficult than submitting a letter or speaking with my boss in person about my intention to […]

  • How to Get Residency in an Italian City


    If you’re looking for information on how to get your permesso di soggiorno, I’m afraid this isn’t the right page. However, getting your residency in an Italian city is another important part of the bureaucratic process. Having a certificate of residence in an Italian city allows to you sign up for the national health care […]

  • Resources

    Planning a trip can be difficult and moving to another country and can be even more challenging. Luckily, these companies make the process easier. Whether it’s booking a flight, finding a hotel, or even starting your own travel blog, these links below have it all! I have personally used and recommend every business on this […]